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We are a boutique sales barn. When you are shopping for your next partner, whether that be your next upper-level prospect, or just simply your next best friend, know that when you come here you are getting a different approach and a thoughtful process in which I choose horses for my barn.


We have a lengthy process in which we choose our horses. These are all horses I have personally gone and hand-picked. I will not purchase a horse off of a video, I don’t purchase horses off of online adds, and unless I go personally see the horse, and unless it checks off all my boxes, I don’t purchase it for re-sale. I don’t vet everything, however if I question anything, or see that the horse has more than a few starts, I vet before I purchase- longevity is what I am aiming for. Horses that will have a nice long life and a good long career for their next person.


First and foremost, temperament. I look for horses with a nice kind eye, and a genuine disposition.

Second thing we look for is soundness and conformation. I look for horses that are correct. A good mover with 3 nice gaits. Often times before purchasing I will see them work under tack, which also helps me make good decisions and gives me a further evaluation of what I may be purchasing.

Third and most importantly, I am looking for a horse that I like to look at, and a horse that makes me smile. Something that makes him/her unique in its own way. Maybe is a bit of a goof or just a love bug, but something that makes them special. For me this is personal. I have spent my life with horses, and I really love when I walk in the barn and see uniqueness in beautiful ways. A horse that strums on my heart strings a bit, and a horse that is happy to see their human. I think that goes a long way, and if you have a horse that just doesn’t give a damn, then you’re basically setting yourself up for failure.

Since we run on a much smaller and more personal scale, we believe in having new horses here for at least 30 days before listing them for sale. That time allows me to assess the quality of the horse and helps us match our horses with the right people for long term success.


We operate on a first come, first serve basis. Prices of horses are subject to change at any time.

Big Beb

17.1; Foaled 201n

Big Ben, affectionately known as Benny Boo, is a 17.1h 5yo TB gelding. He has been brought along slowly since we bought him last year, with his bright future in mind. He is one of the most talented thoroughbreds we’ve had come through our barn, and is as sweet as he is special. He is a horse for the future for a serious young rider, a confident AA, or for a professional. Ben has been to a few local shows and will be attending recognized shows when the ground softens. The sky is the limit for this special guy and we will be extremely picky with where he goes. No vices, great on/off property, hacks alone or in groups, but he does chew fan cords and will put his foot in his water trough daily (so I guess those are his vices😂). Selling him to a 5 🌟 home only - He deserves nothing less. Rads on file, happy to share with serious buyers that come to see him. Asking 35k



16.2; Foaled 2016


16.1; Foaled 2019

JC: Eclipse Royale

16.2; Foaled 2014


16.1; Foaled 2019


16.2; Foaled 2017