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A full service training & boarding facility.  We offer training & lessons.



Features beautiful facilities to accommodate your training needs.


Quality horses for sale.


Marissa has a beautiful, peaceful equestrian facility right at the base of the mountain in Bluemont. You can’t help but feel at home right when you step foot in the barn. I had the pleasure of boarding my first horse at Pizazz Farm for about 7 years, so I have been able to witness the quality of horsemanship that Marissa and all of her staff possesses over a long period of time. She not only helped my first horse feel better by finding the perfect nutritional diet for him to build a better top-line, but also helped us get to our first training level event when we had never even been to a recognized event before arriving at Pizazz. Marissa puts the horses first every time, day in and day out. There is always someone at the farm and she always notices any change in a horse’s behavior, weight, movement, or demeanor. The quality of care is top notch at Pizazz Farm and Marissa’s gift in connecting with her students makes her a pleasure to train with and an incredibly effective coach. I can still remember the first day she hopped on my horse Jasper, put him in a frame that I had never been able to achieve and then handed him back to me in what seemed like 10 minutes. We then went on to win our very first novice recognized event just months later. I’m truly grateful to have find Pizazz Farm, a little piece of heaven.

—  Jennifer Friberg, Rider & Boarder at Pizazz Farm



19436 Ridgeside Road

Bluemont, Virginia

Tel: 703.217.1253

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